Design of public catering establishments

Bolshaya Zemlya LLC has a franchise of the international company Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Kyrgyzstan, and currently has 9 cafes that meet all the requirements of the chain. The first point of the network was designed in accredited YUM-design organizations in Moscow, which completed the design project of the restaurant, prepared technical documentation and identification (signs), however, the remote location of the designer caused some difficulties in adapting design solutions on site.

For the design of the following objects, the network of fast food outlets attracted AILUN-stroy LLC.

Within the framework of cooperation, AILUN-stroy LLC has developed a complete package of design and estimate documentation for the following facilities:

  • KFC cafe, in the city of Bishkek, on Gorky street,
  • Fast food enterprise in Bishkek city, on Tokombayev street.

For the facilities were provided, in accordance with special conditions for compliance with the requirements of the international franchise and the requirements of national legislation for the food industry and catering facilities:

  • modern stylish design,
  • innovative energy efficient heating and air conditioning technologies,
  • selection of a location in accordance with the YUM requirements for the restaurant format: visibility from all sides, high pedestrian traffic and easy access,
  • high sanitary safety, and high standards according to ISO 22000 and HACCP,
  • ensuring the safety of guests and the safety of technical equipment.

Description of works and services provided by the company to the project:

  • Development of a master plan of the site (planting of objects) and linking to existing engineering systems,
  • Development of the architectural and construction part (draft design, detailed design),
  • Development of the structural part (foundations, support structures, etc.),
  • Design of related sections – power supply, heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage, security and fire alarms,
  • Environmental impact assessment (ecological expertise)
  • Obtaining permits and coordination of design and estimate documentation with the relevant government services, engineering project management (GUI)

Customer / Client: Bolshaya Zemlya LLC

Contractor: AilunStroy LLC

Location: Kyrgyzstan

Period: (start) 09/2018, (end) 05/2019