Planning of mining complex facilities

Alliance Altyn LLC, which owns the license for the development of the Jerui deposit in the Talas region of the Kyrgyz Republic, attracted Asia Water Build LLC to develop a detailed design and perform construction and installation works for the boiler house complex. The boiler room is necessary for heating and hot water supply of the Pionerny settlement, where the workers live, and the facilities of the Construction Industry Base, including the administrative and amenity complex, as well as repair shops.

LLC “Asia Water Build” is the leader of Kyrgyzstan in the construction of boiler houses, treatment facilities, supply of equipment. For the development of design estimates for boiler houses, AILUN-stroy LLC was involved.

Under the sub-contract, AILUN-stroy LLC completed the development of all sections of design and estimate documentation for the following facilities:

  • Boiler houses of the Mining Complex of the Talas Gold Ore Combine (TZRK), Jerui deposit:
  • Open pit industrial site. Boiler room for liquid fuel. Start-up complex No. 1 (1.2 MW);
  • The industrial site of the shift camp of the mining complex.
  • Solid fuel boiler house (Start-up complex No. 2) (1.6 MW),
  • Solid fuel boiler house; Mill industrial site (elevation 2,000) (3.2 MW);
  • In June 2018, commissioning of boiler equipment was carried out, a working commission was held, which confirmed that the construction and installation work was carried out with great professionalism and quality, in accordance with the current norms and rules of Kyrgyzstan.

Description of works and services provided by the company to the project:

  • Development of a master plan for the site (landings),
  • Development of the architectural and construction part (draft design, detailed design),
  • Development of the structural part (foundations, support structures, etc.),
  • Design of the heat-mechanical part (selection of boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, blowing fans and smoke removal, calculation of chemical and water treatment, hydraulic calculation), design of fuel supply and ash removal systems,
  • Design of related sections – power supply, water supply and sewerage, security and fire alarms, space heating, external networks
  • Environmental impact assessment (ecological expertise)
  • Author’s supervision

Customer / Client: Alliance Altyn LLC

Contractor: AilunStroy LLC

Location: Talas region, Kyrgyzstan

Period: (start) 01/2016, (end) 11/2020

Partner organizations: in consortium with Asia Water Build LLC