Boiler room design

GAZTORG Service is the first company to build and launch a boiler house based on condensing boilers in Bishkek. Today it is a company with extensive practical experience in the implementation of large and new for Kyrgyzstan projects for apartment heating on autonomous gas boilers, mini cascade boiler houses and the construction of large individual boiler houses that provide a thousand people with heating and hot water. The company uses some of the most environmentally friendly heating technologies. AILUN-stroy LLC was involved in the design of boiler houses.

As part of the series of contracts, AILUN-stroy LLC has developed a complete package of design estimates for the following facilities (non-exhaustive list):

  • Gas boiler room in a designated area on the street. S. Karalaeva (4.1 MW);
  • Boiler room on the allotted territory on Sukhe Bator street – Tokombayev street (9.1 MW),
  • Gas boiler room for heating a residential complex on Kuttubaya street / South highway,
  • Gas boiler room for heating objects of social-cult-life on Ch.Aitmatov Ave.,
  • Gas boiler room for heating a residential complex of 9-storey residential buildings in the south-western region (boilers Ariston Genus Premium Evo HPO 150 kW)
  • Gas boiler room for heating a 17-storey residential complex on Koenkozova street

Significant work has been carried out to launch a new version of heat supply through detached, built-in, attached, roof-top boiler houses to solve the heat supply deficit in the city of Bishkek. In the course of the work, many issues related to heating of new projects under construction were discussed with managers, representatives of construction companies, Gosstroy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Gazprom Kyrgyzstan LLC, BishkekGas Branch, and installation organizations. A number of boiler houses have already been built and are supplying heat to residential buildings and commercial facilities, while work continues on the rest of the facilities.

Description of works and services provided by the company to the project:

  • Development of a master plan for the site (planting a boiler room) and linking to existing engineering systems for attached and roof boiler houses,
  • Development of the architectural and construction part (draft design, detailed design),
  • Development of the structural part (foundations, support structures, etc.),
  • Design of the thermo-mechanical part, and design of related sections – power supply, water supply and sewerage, security and fire alarm systems,
  • Environmental impact assessment (ecological expertise)
  • Obtaining permits and coordination of design and estimate documentation with the relevant government services, engineering project management (GUI)
  • Coordination of technical solutions with the equipment supplier (Russia)
  • Comprehensive analysis of the current state of the heating system (energy audit)

Customer / Client: GazTorg LLC / GazTorgService LLC

Contractor: AilunStroy LLC

Location: Kyrgyzstan

Period: (start) 01/2018, continue