Shopping center and building conversion

AlkanBazary LLC has built the first construction complex in Kyrgyzstan – the Monolit business center and the construction hypermarket “2 superintendents” with an area of ​​more than 3500 m2. The business center is located equidistant from construction markets on 6-lane street. Lev Tolstoy, which is currently expanding to st. Auezov and will cross the entire city from east to west.

The main contractor for the design of the facilities was attracted by Integra LLC, and the sub-contractor for the design of the structural part of the 2 foreman building was AILUN-stroy LLC.

This is a modern building. Design engineering solutions fully comply with modern requirements. To finance the facility, the resources of the Kyrgyzstan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (KYRSEFF) were attracted.

Description of works and services provided by the company to the project:

  • Development of structural solutions for the building “2 foremen”
  • Development of drawings of foundations, load-bearing and enclosing elements, roof structures and partitions
  • Calculations reflecting the performance of the building
  • Designer supervision in accordance with SNiP KR 11-02-00 “Regulations on designer supervision of design organizations over the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures”

Customer / Client: LLC “AlkanBazary”

Contractor: AilunStroy LLC

Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Period: (start) 09/2018, (end) 05/2019

Partner organizations: Main contractor LLC “Integra”